When in Doubt, Febreze It…

I took Lewis to school this morning and had to turn into the school parking lot behind a long line of cars.  Each parent in line took turns kissing their student goodbye after checking to make sure lunch bags were remembered, bookbags were zipped and apparantly many other rituals because each child took FOREVER to exit their respective automobiles.  However, Lewis’ turn finally came and I slowed my two mile an hour gait down to stop and reached over to hug him.

He was wearing his favorite fleece vest and as we hugged I smelled a musty smell – undetected unless you are close or a mom, yet I didn’t want to send him to school in an article of clothing I obviously left in the washer too long.  He opened the car door and swung his legs to the side as I told him to hang on ‘just a sec’.  Quickly, I reached into my “Becca emergency car kit”, moved the glitter to the side and found a travel sized spray bottle of Febreze.  I made sure no one could see, gave his vest one squirt and sent him on his way.  I never imagined how this one would come back to haunt me.

After school we made a quick trip to Walgreens.  He recounted his day letting me know about various homework assignments, games played at recess, who got in trouble with the teacher, the usual.  As we entered the cleaning supply aisle, my darling child must have seen a bottle of his now favorite cologne because he said…allow me to pause right here and mention that four people were in the aisle besides us: three customers, one employee.  Lewis said (in a voice that carried from pharmacy to parking lot), “Remeber when you Febrezed me this morning?  I liked it.  I could smell it all day. The kids at school said something about it too. Even Hailey liked it.  Will you Febreze me everyday?”

There have been several moments in my life, especially as a mom, that I have wished for the Earth to open a deep chasm and envelope me on the spot.  As usual, Mother Earth failed to comply and I had to skip what I needed in said aisle and hurry to the checkout counter.

Before leaving, we stopped at the personal hygiene section and Lewis now owns his first bottle of Axe deodorant body spray.  I’ll save the Febreze for my work uniforms when I’m running late which is why it was in the car in the first place…..

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2 thoughts on “When in Doubt, Febreze It…

  1. ellen

    “Febreze me” catchy ….. I felt like I was right there in carpool line 😉

    soooooooo good. xoxo

  2. Amy Pekala

    I just spit all over the monitor! LMAO Becca! OK, so I’m going to have to tell you some “spit on your monitor,” “Pee your pants,” funny stuff that Jacob does and then have you write about it because you truly have a talent for telling a story! I have to meet your son!

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