Happy Mother’s Day

When I returned from work, I went into my backyard and saw a porch swing. I don’t own a porch swing so this was slightly unusual for me.  I could tell it wasn’t new, so my thoughts immediately turned to my baby daddy who is the ultimate dumpster diver.  If they made dumpster diving an Olympic sport, Lew would win the gold every four years.  I figured he’d text me eventually about his latest find  – a huge landmark in his training for the 2012 London Olympics.  I left the backyard and went to find Lewis who was at a neighbor’s house.

When Lewey came out of Matthew’s backyard he excitedly asked me if I saw my Mother’s Day present.  I said no and then realized it had to be the porch swing.  Lewis and another buddy Braden were jumping up and down excitedly, telling me to check the backyard.

“The porch swing?” I asked.

“YES!” they said in unison.

I was totally confused.  “Thank you guys! Where did you get it from?”

“We found it,” Lewey replied.

Now I was confused and worried.

“Um, did you just take it?” I asked.

“There was a free sign on it,” Lewis said.  Apparently the boys carried the porch swing all the way from a house near their school which is close to a mile away.  I was very touched and hugged and kissed them both.  As I took Brayden home, I asked them for more of the story.  Although it was heavy and hard to carry, Lewis, Brayden and another boy named Josh were fine until they got to a pretty large four way stop. There is a crossing guard at this four-way, and he stopped traffic while the three boys carried a porch swing across the intersection.  I thanked them again and asked why Lewis had thought of me when he saw it.

“Actually, I saw the chain first and wanted it.  I picked it up and then I realized there was a porch swing attached to it!”

Wonders never cease with that kiddo of mine.  I LOVE my Mother’s Day gift.  Everyday I find a reason to love being a mom – this is a pretty huge one.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Carolyn Symons

    Love your stories…convinced you will be rich and famous one day!

  2. Amy

    Awwww–that is very, very sweet!

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