Trick or Treat

Halloween – 2005

On this Hallow’s Eve, I took my darling 6 year old (at the time) Trick-or-Treating with another boy and his mother.  Lewis was a ninja, Josh was the bad guy from “Scream”.  It was a little chilly, but fun of course.

We walked the streets, hitting up each house for sugary treats.   When the boys arrived to a darling house one street over from ours, they knocked loudly but no one came to the door.  The porch light was on so they continued knocking until I told them to stop and try the next place.  As they turned to leave,  a silver haired lady appeared with a bucket of candy and apologized for taking quite awhile to come to the door. “You’re the first trick or treaters I have had,” she told them.  I doubted if they were the first to knock…

The lady gave them a heaping handfull of candy and told them they should take a lot so that she didn’t have much left over.

“If you have some left over, you can eat it!” Josh told her.

Lewis turned to Josh and said, “Old people don’t eat candy – it hurts their teeth!”.

I quickly apologized and made him apologize while dragging my ninja away from the house, laughing on the inside – mortified on the out.

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One thought on “Trick or Treat

  1. Lisa Parker Scott

    I love your stories of motherhood! I’ve been going to Denny for years to get my hair done and he suggested I look you up, as I am in a women’s writing group and write fiction. It would be great to meet and share writerly experiences! Email me when you get the inclination.

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