The Visitor

Lew, Lewey and I went to a very good friend of mine’s house for a 4th of July BBQ yesterday. They have a pool and Lewey jumped right in, eager to swim. However, he soon got bored and begged us to join him. Lew swam for a little while and then got out of the pool to eat. Lewey began asking me over and over to swim and I finally took him aside and said, “Lewis, I can’t swim right now.”

“Yes you can,” he said. “You are choosing not to swim.”

“That’s not true,” I answered. “Right now is not a good time for me and I need you to stop asking me in front of everyone.”

“Why can’t you swim, then?” he asked.

I was a little uncomfortable but thought the truth would be the best response.

“You know how every month, women go through something and they don’t feel good for awhile? Their stomach hurts, and stuff like that?”

Lewey said, “So you’re on your period?”

I was really surprised that a) he knew that term and b) he just threw it on out there like that, but since I opened the door, I knew I had to walk right through it.

“Yes, Lewis, at this time, I am on my period.”

Lewey looked at me and said: “It seems like you’re on it every day.”

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