Bounty Hunter

I felt the latest Lewey caper deserved it’s own page.  Hidden amongst my regular posts is the first page of Lewis’ screenplay for his upcoming movie release, “Bounty Hunter”.

Page one reads:




Bounty Hunter

first setting: New Yerk

12/6/09 I have now received page 2 (copied exactly as was written):

Obama: Everyone! Everyone!

The first alien contact has been made. “Audience mutters.”… Alex Gonzales touched unknown life forms that crashed in Illinois, North America.  An experiment being tested escaped.  Now, rampaging threw all of Africa and North America is Phyleosis korosis, or zombies as you may put it.  These need to be shot on sight.  Every cop, marine, anything we need

Side note: I googled Phylosis korosis and there were zero hits.  I must say I am impressed with this creative, Latin sounding name for zombies

Side note 2 – we are now casting the role of Obama.  If anyone is interested in a screen test, you can leave a comment on this blog and we will contact you directly.

12/10/09  – Lewis has added to the script

He finished the sentence above.  “…anything we need” is followed by, “…to use force.”

Every cop, marine, anything we need to use force.  as for the UFO that crashed, there has been [BOOM] (an explosion goes off and a lieutenant runs up to the president)

Lieutenant: SIR! Aliens have destroyed all defenses.  I insist we evacuate. NOW!

Obama: Call helicopters, planes. Get these people out of here!

Crowd is frantic

getting into helicopters

Some get left behind

5 Years Later

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