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Crazy Like a Fox

My son and one of his best friends were talking about video games and I heard Lewey say that he couldn’t wait to be a grown up because then he could play video games whenever he wanted. I interuppted and told them that they better not still play video games all the time when they were older because they would have a hard time getting dates. Lewis’ best bud Brayden said:

“We’ll just tell them we don’t play video games and play when they don’t know.”

I told him that sounded like a good idea and then Lewis chimed in.

“We’re only gonna do that if the girls are as hot as Megan Fox.”

I almost choked. I had never heard my son talk about girls before and I had never heard him use the word “hot” to decribe a girl and I had certainly never heard him reference Megan Fox.

“You think Megan Fox is hot?” I asked, weakly.

“Well, she was…until she got old,” he replied.

I almost choked a second time.

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