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Did the Apple Even Fall?

For those that think Lewey is just like his father, here’s a story that will prove I had something to do with his making:

Lewey, Vida and I stayed at Susan’s house the other night so that I could take her to the airport early AM. After dinner, we settled into dessert and talking and Lewey asked if we were spending the night.

“Of course we are!” I replied. “Vida is here, I packed us a bag and it’s already really late.”

“Awesome! I was hoping we were,” said Lewey.

Susan chimed in,”That’s great but there will be something really sad when you wake up.” I smiled because I knew where she was going with this.

Lewey asked, “What’s that?”

“I won’t be here,” Susan told him.

He looked at her with big eyes, through long eyelashes, and said, “Then I won’t wake up.”

That’s what I call a mac daddy player pimp line. Hellz yeah…








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The Look O’ the Irish

This story is a family fav:

Lewis and I were riding along with “Miss Susan” – the esteemed author/journalist Susan Margolis Winter Balk (Susan is cringing as she reads this :).  The three of us were talking and, at one point in the conversation, Susan said, “Lewis, you are my good luck charm.”

To which my darling child replied:

“No, i’m your good LOOK charm.”

He’s just like his momma

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Last Thursday night, I took Lewey to his first Chanukah dinner at Susan and Kenny’s – very close friends of the family.  During the lovely evening, Lewis wanted to tell everyone the only joke he had ever made up:

What did the scientist say to the skunk?


We all laughed of course and someone asked Lewey if he knew what “eureka” really meant. Lewis replied, “It means when you were a scientist in the old times and you made a huge discovery and you took all of your clothes off and ran around and yelled, ‘EUREKA!'”

I’m not exactly sure if that definition has made it into the official Webster’s dictionary online or the hardcover version, however the rest of us learned that night that Eureka means “I found it!”.

The following is from

Eureka has its origin in Greek and is taken from the word heurēka. This expression is supposed to be exclaimed by Archimedes when he discovered the way to measure the volume of an uneven solid. This method of Archimedes was then used to find out the purity of Gold objects.  The word heurēka is actually the first person singular and perfect tense of heuriskein. The heuriuskein means to find. Thus, the exclamation eureka means I have found (it).

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A Little Piece of Heaven…

memory foam imprint 2

Our amazing friends, the Balk’s, invited us over for Labor Day and we had a LOVELY time!  While we were there they had a new mattress delivered (Labor Day = per, Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.  Also Known As: “The weekend nationwide to shop for deals on any and all mattresses along with discounts on flooring and bedroom sets).

The Balks had used a Memory Foam pad on their now former mattress and gave it to us as we were leaving (I have developed some minor back problems).  We were overwhelmed with their generosity (as usual) and as soon as we got home we laid it across the bed and Lewis, Dave and I laid down to see what it was like.  I was the first to comment:  ” This is incredible – I’ve never laid down on anything like this before.”

Lewis quickly jumped in: “Yeah – this is the first time I’ve laid down on Heaven.”

He’s not exaggerating…for once 🙂

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