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A Typical Mom Lewey Dinner

photo-16I took Lewey to our favorite restaurant and we noticed the owners had purchased a new open sign. I commented on how fancy the sign was, and we entered to enjoy our favorite grub. We ordered a plate to share as there is always too much food, but when our dinner arrived, the portion was considerably smaller. Lewey noticed and said, “Doesn’t this seem smaller than usual?”

“Yes,” I responded, disappointed as well. “Maybe they decided that their portions were too large and they are making them smaller to save money.

“Wow,” said Lewey. “I wish they wouldn’t have bought that sign.”

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Lewis and I went to dinner at Thips tonight – it’s our favorite thai restaurant and a family tradition for us. While we were waiting for our food and chatting, Lewey asked me if he could have an inexpensive device to walk around with on which he could listen to all of his favorite songs. I said,”What about using your iPhone?”

Lewey said, “I don’t want to do that. I want to download a lot of songs and one of them might sperm everything.”

Half gasping, half choking, I replied, “I think you mean it might spam everything.”

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